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I've been futzing around with Scrivener Gold (courtesy of [personal profile] inarticulate ♥) and it's really quite fun! I haven't done any actual writing yet, ha ha. But I have finally written down the worldbuilding/character building/giant complicated family history settings that have been bouncing around in my brain for years now. I like the setup of this program. It works with my scatterbrained organization.

Maybe I will work up to actual writing??? Who knows! But this program is fun!

Also: [personal profile] transient. I messed with colors in the CSS only to discover ... that ... this is now an official DW layout. I AM A WINNER.
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I think the Samurai Sword Handle umbrella looks pretty awesome, and if it didn't cost almost $40 including shipping I would probably buy it.

YOU CAN ALSO SLING IT ACROSS YOUR BACK!! I have wanted to do that with my umbrellas for so long.
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--OH WOW when did DW give you 15 icons for a free account?! Awesome; I can upload more icons.

Ladies and gentlemen, my observation skills.
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I had a really weird alcohol-induced dream last night. It involved Miley Cyrus staying at my house, which in my dream was this giant mansion thing. I was trying to get to know her, and I was actually kind of liking her in the dream -- and then I realized she was secretly drinking my stash of Bailey's. I couldn't prove it, and I couldn't just accuse Miley Cyrus of stealing my booze, so I hid it in my room.

And then she got angry and set her guards on me at me and I had to flee the property.

idk man, I didn't even listen to her music yesterday.
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Now that I have your attention! I am doing things a little differently this year. Instead of Christmas cards, I have made a number of little goodies to take their place. Please comment with your address and name, because otherwise I'll just address it to an Internet handle.

Comments are screeeened ♥ enjoy the season!
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I've wanted to make this post for a while now. I never bring it up with people in casual conversation because... well, it just doesn't happen. But it is a strong part of my identity, and I think I just want to write about it.

If you have met me in person, chances are you noticed! If you have not, then maybe you've noticed something in those photos I post on my LJ. If this is totally new to you, it's all cool; I'm going to tell you all about it now.

I am talking, of course, about my cleft lip.

Explanations and anecdotes within. If you dislike dental and surgery talk, skim those parts, because there's a lot of it. Also dear Lord thsi is long, +2200 words. )

I think I've talked about all the cleft-related things I really wanted to. This is an insanely long post, and if you made it all the way -- or most of the way -- through, I thank you very much for taking the time to read this. I hope you have learned something new (and interesting?) about me.
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I dreamed about smoking last night.

This is, strangely, not the first time I've dreamed of smoking. It's more like the... I dunno, I've had cigarettes in dreams more than five times. It's never a major point to my dream, it's just like oh, here I am doing something, and now I'm lighting up a cigarette and inhaling! And in my dream, it is nice and calming and I feel relaxed.

... I have never smoked a cigarette before, and I don't really want to start! I wonder what my subconscious is doing. It is a damn peculiar dream theme.
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I thought the Academy of Sciences had forgotten me after almost two months!

But no, I have scheduled an interview appointment with them next Thursday.

It is only for a volunteer job, but it is something I have wanted to do for a while now. Just AAAAH INTERVIEWS
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(Crossposted because I realized I need more happy posts in my DW account, so it's not always melancholy internal monologues. SO BORING.)


Actually, I finished it sometime mid-August, but I was too lazy to camwhore. So now I've finally gotten around to taking pictures (which only took about 10 minutes) of the most recent quilt I finished. SOB sometimes I feel like such an old-auntie, because who except old aunties makes quilts by hand... and then I curl up in it and feel all proud and go "8DDDDb" inside.

Six pictures beneath the cut. )

I've got a pattern for a fish quilt to work on next, but right now I'm making little things to give me a rest of gigantic projects.
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So, last night I had a dream that I applied to the Harvard graduate school.

I take this two ways:

1. I subconsciously miss my sister more than I consciously admit, because I dream of going to the same school;

2. I need to stop being a goddamn loser and find something to do!!

I'm still waiting for the Academy of Sciences to respond to me. :|
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For example, I just tried to back out of a completely deserted parking lot and enter the road and then freaked out and had my mom drive around to do the errands.

... This is going to be interesting.
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What is the cure for getting that stupid song out of your brain? :(

Oh I married my dream girl
I married my dream girl
But she didn't tell me her credit was bad
So now instead of living in a [something something]
We're living in the basement at her mom and dad's

Oh I can't get a loan...

To distract me from that, that 15-book meme going around. )


May. 28th, 2009 09:27 pm
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As is usual, I chopped off all my hair in preparation for summer. (It used to be about 4-5 inches longer.) I wish my hair wouldn't do that funny wave it does, because the longest layers have a bumpy look, but I like the bangs. It'll probably look better once it grows out some. Maybe I should have asked for a bob? But I don't know if I have the face structure appropriate to such a short hairstyle.

... Oh I just noticed the painting in the background. My sister liked to use me as a subject in her high school art classes.
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It's only three days now until all my finals need to be turned in (seniors need to get things in earlier, so we can be assured of graduation), and only seventeen days until I actually walk across that stage and take my diploma. What are my feelings on this? Well, right now I really hope I pass that class I hated so I can actually graduate.

I'm not really thinking of anything in particular regarding graduation, but I think that is actually my way of coping. Or maybe I just lack that kind of emotional connection. One of my friends is really sad about leaving MHC and everyone here, and I find myself bereft of those kinds of deep feelings. At least, I do not consciously feel them. I went for a swim Tuesday night and really went all out; I thought about swimming until I was exhausted, but realized that wasn't a good idea at all. I hadn't eaten dinner yet.

I'm worried, yes! Because for so long I had this set path I was to follow, but it's not as clear anymore. I just did what I was told (go to school, get good grades, go to higher education) but my parents are very, very lax on what I "need" to do postgraduation. I don't know if I'll use my anthropology degree, but I do think that I might be interested in using the French minor I have. But what I was saying before is that the next stage of my life is totally up to me, and I have no idea what I want to do. It is frightening when I think about it, so I don't think about it. At least, not yet.

Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I'd actually acted on my vague dreams back in high school. I was always interested in marine biology, but I didn't choose my college based on that because. Well. I do not like sciences. I dislike math, I dislike memorizing anatomy... So I didn't even try. And sometimes I do regret that! I wonder what kind of person I would be if I had acted on that wish. But I don't regret -- hmm, how to word this. I don't regret choosing MHC, because it would be enormously idiotic to go through my life constantly asking "What if? What if?" I made my choice four years ago and I will now continue forward without dwelling on the past. Also, I made friends both online and off; I discovered some things about me that I didn't know and came to conclusions about others. I like the person I am today. I do not regret becoming this person.
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Well, I'd like to announce that [personal profile] transient's layout and welcome pic and profile have finally been tweaked to more-or-less satisfaction at the moment. I'm a little disappointed that tables won't work on the profile layout, and the custom layout I have right now overrides any font colors or sizes I want to do. So that top banner thing which should have looked like this looks a little less cohesive. Ah well. I am thankful enough that I managed to implement the layout before DW removed that option for free users!

I don't know what I'll use this for. Like I said, I'm not abandoning LJ, but there are reasons why I might like a new journal. Namely, my family knows about and frequently reads my Livejournal, and though this is not a bad thing (it was a really nice way for them to know what I was doing in France without me trying to remember bi-weekly phone calls or emails), it does have an affect on what I'll put there. Perhaps this can be a writing journal? Somewhere where I put my feeble attempts at poetic introspection? The jury is still out.

Oh, and as a reminder - if you're like me and still weeping a little about memorizing a whole new set of usernames - this is [ profile] poissonlune over on Livejournal.
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